Fall Camporee Results ….A good time by all

What a wonderful weekend we all had with the Prickly Pear District at Fall Camp. We had a strong turnout from Great Falls of about 80 people at the site in Wolf Creek, Montana.

I want to thank the Helena people as well as my own committee with all that they did to make this a success. ( Tim Locke…Tammy Lucas…Mike Lucas…Rex Jewett and Papa Paul.

Here are the results of what you did among yourselves…

1st place overall was ….Troop 14
2nd place……………..Troop 28
3rd place……………..Troop 1 Dragons

Troop 28 won best shelter
Troop 1 Dragons for 1st aid
Troop 14 for canoeing
Troop in for Lizagator
Troop 1 Dragons for knots
Troop 14 for toxic waste
Troop 14 for cooking

Special note was for Owen Rapcook for winning the distinguished Scout award !

Thank you again for being there and supporting the Lewis and Clark District
You Rocked!


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