Our Scouting Journey to Excellence

Journey to Excellence (JTE) is Scouting’s way to measuring the quality of our program at each of our Packs, Troops, Crews and Teams.  A unit with a high JTE score is a unit that is recruiting youth, advancing them in the program and delivering a great Scouting program.

Your unit’s JTE score tells the parents in your unit about how the great program that they will experience for their son if they join or continue to participate in your unit.  Completing this exercise is extremely worthwhile.  Your JTE score is due with your unit recharter.  If that proves to be impossible, please turn it in to District Executive Dustin Shoemake or District Commissioner Rex Jewett by December 1.

You can download your scoresheets here:

Cub Scout Pack scoresheet: 2017_JTE_Pack_Scorecard

Boy Scout Troop scoresheet: 2017_JTE_Troop_Scorecard

Venturing Crew scoresheet: 2017_JTE_Crew_Scorecard

Varsity Team scoresheet: 2017_JTE_Team_Scorecard

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They need our help!

Fall Family Fest @ Giant Springs State Park

Volunteer Signup Sheet- FFF 2017 flyer Volunteer Wanted

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Volunteers needed from 12 pm – 4:30 pm (Heritage Picnic Area)

Call the Ranger Station for more information – (406)727-1212

Stations needing volunteers. Please sign up for an event (name, phone, email)

  • Welcome Table/Scavenger Hunt, 2
  • Hay Ride, 2
  • Face Painting, 2 or 3
  • Sack Races, 2
  • S’mores, 2 or 3
  • Musical Chairs, 1 or 2
  • Obstacle Course, 2
  • Art & Crafts, 2



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Let’s fill the room with Blue and Tan shirts!

Let’s see how many of our Scouts we can fill this movie night with!  Please share with your Scouts and have them invite a friend!  The best way for new Scouts to join is through an invitation by their best friend!

Hotel Transylvania Poster

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Have you Renewed your Youth Protection Yet?

unknownIn the Montana Council, Youth Protection certification must be renewed every year.  If your certification does not have a “2017” on its issue date, it is time to renew again!

The Lewis and Clark District will be holding a group Youth Protection Training as our program for District Roundtable this coming Tuesday, October 10, 6:30pm at the LDS State Center at 1015 15th Ave South.  Make it easy this year before recharter and come to our YPT class!

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Register today for Outdoor Leader Training!

Trained-LeaderWe have an incredible IOLS/BALOO class/campout scheduled for this coming October 20-21 behind the Scout Office! Participants will receive all training necessary to take Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts on camping adventures. In addition, we have an all-star training staff lined up that will provide exceptional training.

The course will begin on October 20 at 5pm and will conclude on October 21 by 6pm. There will be a $10 registration fee which will cover the cost of food on Saturday (breakfast and lunch provided as part of cooking instruction) and course materials. You can pay in advance at the Scout office or you can bring your course fees with you on 10/20.

All participants should be prepared for a campout in late October in Northcentral Montana. Participants must bring their own camping gear and mess kits. Dinner on Friday evening is not provided, however there will be a cracker barrel snack during campfire that evening. Participants should also bring paper and pencil/pen.

Please register as soon as possible so that we can purchase enough food. Registrations are due by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 17. We look forward to seeing you!


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Popcorn Kick-off and Seller’s Academy

Join other Scouts and parents on Friday, September 29th at 6:30pm.

Hopefully your unit’s popcorn chair has notified everyone of the district Popcorn Kick-off and Seller’s Academy .

Popcorn Sales are the way to raise money for activities for your Scouts and pay for a year of fun and adventure.  The more popcorn sold, the less funding that comes out of parent’s pockets.  By attending, your Scout will learn effective ways to “Fund His Adventure!”  Scouts who attended in the past have more fun during the sale and have more confidence while selling.

Scouts will learn:

  • Exciting product lineup
  • Expert Advice
  • Simple steps for selling more popcorn
  • Online Selling at trails-end.com

This is a great opportunity for older and brand new Scouts!  There will be incentives for boys who attend the Seller’s Academy and for units that have boys that attend!

See you and your Scouts Friday night, September 29th at 6:30pm at the Montana Council-BSA Service Center, located at 82o 17th Ave S, Great Falls

Contact info if you have any questions: *lewisclarkpopcornkernel@gmail.com *Mandy Brumwell (406) 868-9315

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Cub Fall Day Camp – Weather Update & Location Change

Cub Fall Day Camp! – Weather Update & Location Change!

As of this afternoon we received confirmation that we will not be able to use the BMX track due to excessive rain.  The program will still be held at the Great Falls Scout Service Center at 820 17th Ave South on Sept. 23rd.

Scouts will still be passing off adventure requirements!
Adventures that will be worked on are:
Tiger (1st Grade)- Rolling Tigers
Wolf (2nd Grade)- – Running with the Pack
Bear (3rd Grade)- – Bear Claws
Webelos/AOL (4th & 5th Grade)- – Stronger, Faster, Higher

Other activities include:
BB Guns
Whittling Chip for Bears & Webelos

The Details-
Registration begins at 10am with program from 10:30-2:30pm.  Fees will be reduced to $5.  An rsvp would still be appreciated as we’ve only had 7 scouts and 2 adults confirm their attendance.  RSVP to dustin.shoemake@scouting.org

What to bring:

  • Clothing appropriate for season 
  • Handbooks
  • Lunch
  • Water bottle and water
  • Tigers should bring their Bike (if Scout does not own a bike, we will make sure he still participates)
  • Bike Helmet, and pads if available


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Fall Camporee results

Third place….Troop 1 Dragons

Second place…..Troop 28 Wild Stallions

First place…..Troop 1 Thunderbirds whose win was helped by a very concise list of what was wrong with this camp


John Dover of Troop 26 won “most helpful Scout” award as well as nominees from each Troop selected in a drawing.


Third place Troop 7 Owls tied with Troop 1 Dragons

Second place Troop 26 Panthers

First place…..Troop 28 Wild Stallions

ack 1

I want to thank my Committee members…..Rex Jewett,Tim Park,Bob Dowdy,Tim locke,Tammy Lucas and Mike Lucas. they braved the elements to give you this opportunity to learn.

We will be hosting a Fishing Merit Badge Seminar at Council Camp in June to help you complete the Merit Badge.

Forrest C LaBelle



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Fall Camporee

It was another wild and woolly Fall Camporee last weekend as we finally got some much needed rain in Montana. I was very impressed with the Leadership and the Scouts themselves getting all set up in the rain and wind that made conditions harsh. It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to go camping in those conditions,but the leadership and I felt it was a character building experience. Not a complaint was uttered to me throughout the event despite not being able to have a campfire.

The skies cleared Saturday morning and gave us a most beautiful post rain event with sunshine appearing around noon. The fishing was difficult but the classes taught the boys some great fishing fundamentals. Mr Jewett and Mr Park taught fish bottom and top rigging and mr Lucas taught them how to make a spoon lure. Mr Locke and I did a casting class as well as fish cleaning and filleting. Fish cleaning was popular as well as Tammy Luca’s fish cooking 101. The evening campfire (propane)and skits was clear and star ridden with calm winds. We were also visited by some Webelos and I hope they had a good experience as well……………..

Results next post

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Outdoor Program Trainers, We Need You!

Our Fall Training season is arriving!  The Lewis and Clark District training team has several trainings scheduled this Fall, and we need your help to make them happen.  See How to Get Trained (Fall, 2017 edition) for a list of upcoming trainings.

Are you an outdoor skills expert?  Well, if not an expert, have you already had your IOLS training?  If so, we need you on the weekend of October 20-21 to help with our training.  We will be teaching all of the skills required through First Class rank.  Please contact me and sign up to teach part of the class.  I will keep the following table updated with our confirmed list of trainers:


Skill Trainer
Flag Ceremony  Jeremy Adams
Interfaith Worship  Stephen Boyd
Registration/Campsite Selection/Outdoor Ethics/Campfire Program  Aaron Weissman
Fireman Chit  Jeremy Adams
Cooking Bob Dowdy (renowned dutch oven expert!)
Ropes and Knots  Jay Cox
Woods Tools – Totin’ Chip Dean Gaskins
Plant and Animal Identification  Robert Burton
First Aid  Gus Macneal
Orienteering  Tom Lynch
Packing and Hiking Techniques/Gear Chris Leatham/Bighorn Outdoor Specialists
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