2018 Parade Opportunities!

There are a bunch of opportunities for area Boy Scouts to participate in Independence Day parades in the Lewis & Clark District!

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Cub Day Camp Patches

Hello scouters. The advancements and patches for your boys are sorted by packs and available at the Scout Office for pickup.

Choteau Boy Scouts Organize Augusta Flood Clean Up for June 26th

Boy Scouts from Choteau Lions Club Troop 51 are responding to the call to action from the Augusta community, following significant flooding in the area. Many community organizations have joined the Scouts’ call to help clean up Augusta.

“Scouts from Choteau Troop 51 are happy to take some time out of their packed summer schedule to help their neighbors. Scouting provides amazing opportunities for both adventure and service. The Scouts just got back from a 50-mile trek in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and leave for summer camp in a couple weeks. Service is an integral part of the Scout program, and the scouts were elated to make themselves available to help their neighbors in the Augusta community.” said Jerry Stott, Scoutmaster of Troop 51.

The Boy Scouts of America offers character-building programs that foster ethical decision-making skills while engaging in fun outdoor activities with friends and adult leaders. Choteau Troop 51 boasts 18 youth members and is chartered by the Choteau Lions Club.

According to Steve Dogiakos, a volunteer with Troop 51, “I am proud to help the Scouts help our Augusta neighbors in their time of need. I encourage anyone interested in helping their children develop into service-oriented leaders to consider enrolling them into the Boy Scout program.”

For more information about the Boy Scouts of America, and information about becoming a Scout, visit http://beascout.org.

Troop 51 – Augusta Flood Clean Up Day Facebook Event

Minutes from the June 2018 District Meeting

  1. Call to order 8:30 pm
  2. Opening Ceremony
  3. Welcome, Introductions, and Recognitions
    1. New District Executive, Sandra Dogiakos
    2. New District PR Chair, Kelsie Tilman
    3. Recognition of new Eagle Scout, Sean L
  4. District Commissioner Report – Brad Weaver
    1. We need to get all registered members in the district to complete YPT by July.
    2. Aaron Weissman will facilitate YPT three times during the Camporee; times TBA.
    3. JTE needs to be more consistent; we are at 4% completion council-wide. Detail assessment with Unit Commissioner and Key 3 for all units need to be done by August.
    4. Charter Organizations need to be more involved in activities. Units need to extend invites and maintain relationships.
    5. Monthly commissioner meetings are held the last Thursday of every month.
    6. Units are doing well. Scouts are having fun and completing advancement goals. Paperwork needs to be done by each unit; Scoutbook and JTE.
    7. (District Chair) Lack of JTE reports for our district puts us in an embarrassing position in the council.
    8. Pack 7, Pack 1, and Pack 51 have voted to allow girls. No letters from CORs have been received as of this meeting.
  5. Upcoming Events
    1. See 2018 District Calendar
      1. Add Thursday, June 14 8:00 am at Flag Hill for Flag Day
      2. Update District Pinewood Derby May 4, 2019
      3. Update Boy Scout Fall Camporee September 14-16
      4. Add Boy Scout MBA February 23, 2019
      5. Add YPT facilitated by Aaron Weissman July 9 at Darkhorse Hall in the basement of Celtic Cowboy
      6. Next Event is July 4th Parades
  6. VI. Committee Reports
    1. No Report Given
  7. VII. Reports of Special Committees and COR
    1. No Report Given
  8. VIII. District Executive’s Report
    1. No Report Given
  9. Other Business-Open Forum
    1. National scholarship unofficially awarded to local scout. Details TBA.
  10. Adjournment 9:15 pm

Fairwell from the District Commissioner, please pass this on to your volunteers.

Via Rex Jewett:

Greetings fellow Scouters,

After years of being the Lewis and Clark District Commissioner, I have decided to take a step back and become a Unit Commissioner again. I want to thank all of you and your volunteers for making Lewis and Clark one of the best, if not the best, District in the Montana Council. My term officially ends June 30th. Brad Weaver has taken over the administrative duties, he will be at tonight’s Roundtable and District meetings please give him your full co-operation.
We have a new District Executive, Sandra Dogiakos. Please come to the meeting tonight and introduce yourself, I know her, she’s very capable and very nice.  
Tonight’s roundtable will be the new YPT2 training, please send your people to this, I took it last week online and it was somewhat confusing to use. The live training will be much easier.
As always I am sending this message to you via BCC for your security.
Thank You again, you made my job easy,
Rex Jewett
District  Commissioner
Lewis and Clark District  (Retired!)
See you on the golf course!