2018 Merit Badge Academy Patch

Merit Badge Academy Leader Packet

Leader Packet

This is the second year that the Lewis & Clark District has hosted MBA. This year we are excited to announce the partnership with Great Falls College MSU, who will be hosting the event. Last year we had about 30 scouts attend 5 different merit badges. The partnership with Great Falls College MSU has been a longtime venture that has finally come to a reality. This year we are expecting upwards of 150 scouts and adults attending the event. We hope to expand the event in years to come and be able to offer new and exciting merit badges!

Registration is scheduled to open Saturday, February 3, 2018. All registration will be conducted via Tentaroo. To ensure faster registration and to avoid missing classes that may fill up quickly, ensure  Scouts are entered into the units account on Tentaroo prior to selecting classes. This will make for a faster registration process. Any questions involving Tentaroo can be addressed at the Scout Office.

All Scouts must be accompanied by a unit leader/adult and checked in as a Unit. Blue cards need to be filled out and brought to classes; no cards will be available on site.

Lunch is not provided but an eating area will be available during the lunch break.


Testing the new blog & email layout!

Hello everyone!

The blog and newsletter got a little facelift, and this post is testing to make sure everything works!

Take a minute and check out the new design on the blog!

Missing Bag from Klondike

Hi all. I am missing a large green rectangular bag known as an A3 bag from Klondike. It has my last name BOYD written on the top, and a pair of boots, gloves, and most importantly, a large jar of extra crunchy peanut butter and a jar of raspberry preserves in it.

If anyone has a bag fitting this description, can you please call me at 231-9570? I would forever be grateful with being reunited with my bag, and most importantly, my Peanut Butter and Jelly.


Stephen Boyd

2018 Klondike Results – Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Greetings from the Camping Committee,

We had another successful  Klondike with great weather and a great turnout from the District. Thank you’s go out to Troop 1,Troop 4, Troop 7, Troop 14, troop 26, Troop 28, Troop 1151, and Troop 1155. All came and efficiently set up their camps in record time.

Friday night started out worrisome as the bathrooms once again froze up in anticipation of our arrival. Luckily, Troop 7 stepped up and brought us Porti Potties from Waste Management (thank you all). You saved the day. Troop 7 also brought up a two stage snow blower to deal with the 15 inches of snow. (smart thinking).

Friday night was also home to the Pizza Travelers Feast and Ice Cream Social sponsored by the Lewis & Clark District Camporee Committee. The lodge was toasty warm thanks to Shawn at Rotary Headquarters. It was needed because it was in low teens at morning time.

Saturday brought the events such as:

  • Sled inspections,
  • First aid,
  • Sling Shot,
  • Fishing,
  • Sled balance,
  • Avalanche,
  • Stretcher carry,
  • Snowshoe Relay,and
  • the Infamous sled races.

The results are as follows:

  • Fourth place Troop 14 Snowballs with 223 nuggets
  • Third place Troop 4 Silver-back Gorillas with 225 nuggets
  • Second place Troop 7 Wolves with 228 nuggets
  • First place Troop 28 Wild Stallions with 229 nuggets

WOW! that was a close competition!

The Hot Cocoa event was won by Troop 4

The adult hatchet building won by Van Arvanites from Troop 28

Fastest sled time was Troop 1 Hydras at 15:59 followed closely by Troop 14 with a 15:60 and Troop 1151 with 16:32

Congratulations to you all!

Forrest C LaBelle, Chairman

Lewis & Clark District Merit Badge Academy List!

District Derby Canceled 

Due to a lack of track and volunteers, the 2018 district pinewood derby has been canceled. 

Per announcements beginning early December, via this newsletter, district meetings, roundtables, and district calendar, we needed support from our Cub units in setting up a track and a few to assist with weigh-ins and running the cars. In order to adequately prepare, we had until January 20th to have volunteers come forward. That, unfortunately did not happen.

Hopefully we will be able to resume the races for our Scouts in 2019!