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BSA_calendar-01-296x300District Meeting & Roundtable

As a reminder, our district will not be holding District Meeting and Cub Scout & Boy Scout Roundtables in the month of June due to Cub Day camp taking place at the same time.  District Committee chairs will be contacted with progress reports.
We hope to see everyone at Roundtable on July 11th!


Scouts needed for Flag Day ceremonyUS-Flag

Every year Scouts present the colors at Overlook Park on Flag Day.  This year, there has been no commitment from units to participate.  It would be great if we could provide a handful of Scouts to represent their unit. The ceremony begins at 8am on Wednesday, June 14th.
If you are able and willing to participate, please contact Great Falls Realtors at 406-453-2752.


gordyRetirement Celebration

Montana Council Scout Executive, Gordon Rubard is retiring.
We are hosting an Open House for him Wednesday, June 28th at the Great Falls Office from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.
Light refreshments will be served.
Stop by and give Gordy your well wishes as he embarks on his next adventurous journey

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Spring Camporee Blue cards

Note that if you gave me blue cards to sign,they will be at the Scout office on Monday afternoon. If I did not get your cards please mail them to me at 275 RIVERFRONT LANE 59404 ASAP so i can get this finished up.



Forrest C LaBelle

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Spring Camporee Results

First of all I need to know who has the Committee camera. It was to be passed back to me and I forgot to ask for it. If you have it please notify me soon as i cannot post pictures if i don’t have it.

We all had a great time at Mortimer Gulch camp. The weather for the most part was good,unlike the monsoon of 2016 or the blizzard of 2015. The hike was a spectacular and beautiful vistas to behold and I think the boys were impressed. The Skits are getting better every year and I am very impressed by the ability of the boys and what they come up with each year.

Thank you to the Leadership for keeping things running smooth as we have not had an incident in several years. Thank you Mike,Tami Big Tim, Little Tim ,Rex and Aaron and Gus for working the stations and keeping me free to watch over it all. The competition as usual was close.

The results are as follows………

4th Place…..Troop 7 Tee Pee’s and Troop 28 Wild Stallions tied at 2395 points

3rd Place…..Troop 14 Phoenix at 2453 points

2nd Place…..Troop 1051 at 2485 points

1st place ……Troop 26 Panthers at 2655 points


Congratulations to all of you and those who participated in the camp. I look forward to working with you all. I love watching the boys grow into young men and the willingness to learn.

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Day Camp Volunteers Needed

Attention Scouters! Day Camp needs your help. As of now we do not have enough parents to run Day Camp. We need one adult per three scouts to be there ALL FOUR DAYS. If your unit has four parents coming one day each, that only counts as one parent. Youth protection dictates we need two leaders per den of ten boys, each day. If we do not have enough leaders for each den, that den would not have two deep leadership and your boys will not be able to participate in all the crazy fun-nes we have planned.
I know we all have busy lives, but we have four volunteer staff planning and hopefully executing this year’s day camp and we can’t do it without parents spending time with their kids.
Please call or text me, the Camp Director at 231-9570 or my wife Laura the Program Director at 781-1458. I have also attached the adult volunteer form. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles of the kids are all welcome. Thanks!

Adult Application

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I have been advised by the Forest Service and other outdoor peoples that the ticks are really bad this year. Have all the boys wear hats and some kind of repellant that is suitable. when they get home be sure to check yourselves for unwanted visitors.

Forrest C LaBelle

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Schedule of events Spring Camporee

Schedule of Events

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Spring Camporee is nearly here

A friendly reminder to give me your head counts on Spring Camporee by the 16th ((latest) We are confirmed for the lower campground at Mortimer Gulch on Friday. There will be signage for you to follow. I will assign camp spots based on how large your group is as we cannot allow too many in one spot so you may get two side by side.

I will post a schedule of events soon

Forrest LaBelle

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Scout Challenge! Will you accept?

Will you accept the challenge?

Have you ever been out in public and seen someone wearing a Scout t-shirt or see a Scouting bumper sticker on a car?  It’s a pretty cool feeling to see someone you may not know, and see they are part of the same Scouting family! 

Beginning today, May 11th, a challenge is being put out to all of our Scout parents, leaders, and volunteers!  Let’s see how many Scout supporters we have in our communities!

Here’s how:

Using a washable glass paint, write “Join Scouts Today!” on your vehicle’s window with the phone number “406-6071.”  Be sure to write your unit’s number somewhere separate from the phone number.  The example would be a unit with the number 119 (you can put a designation like P1 or T1 if you share a number with a pack or troop).
Let’s see which unit can get the most calls! 

You can purchase your own glass marker, or you can use ones provided in our Scout office!

We will run this challenge from today, May 11th through Friday June 2nd.

Let’s see how many Scout supporters we have in our district!!! 


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1st Day Camp Registration Deadline April 29th

This Saturday is the first registration deadline for Day Camp. After tonight, the registration fees increase from $50 to $60. To get the lowest possible price for your unit, please come see Laura, Stephen, or Christy at the back of the Scout office between 12pm and 8pm. Please have health forms completed and signed for each participant, youth protection certificates for every adult, and full payment. Thanks!

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NOTICE- Outdoor Leader & BALOO Training

Important Training NOTICE-

Intoduction to Outdoor Leader Skills & BALOO Training, scheduled for April 21-22, is postponed and WILL NOT be offered during Trail to First Class.

A future announcement will be posted when training becomes available.

Please help share this with those who were planning to attend.

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