Salvation Army Bell Ringing

WHAT: Salvation Army Bell Ringing

WHEN: The Saturday and Kettle Location of your choice (December 3 – December 24)

WHY: To help The Salvation Army raise funds for their 2016 Kettle Campaign

WHO: Captain Mark King 406-453-0391 or 775-537-8003

If you are able, please support this great cause on behalf of you and your family.

News from Camp Rotary

I was notified today that the construction crews at Camp Rotary have packed their gear and left in a big panic………….

It seems that some strange things are going on there. There are reports of lights coming on at odd hours of the night.Things are coming up missing and many items are mysteriously moving to strange locations. Such as an air compressor  that was found upside down in the creek and tools strewn about the camp. One man reported that the toilets were flushing backward and  creating havoc.The crew claims they cannot sleep at night because of the howling of some tormented beast that continues until the dawn……………..

As it stands……we are on our own at Klondike. Maybe we should rethink this camp  out!


Are you still up for this?