District Scout Show!

monkey_bridgeWhat:  The Lewis and Clark District Scout Show!

When:  September 9-10, 2016. Show begins 9am on 9/10

Where:  ExpoPark (the Fairgrounds)

Who:   All of the Packs, Troops and Crews in the Lewis and Clark District!

Troops and Packs are all invited to camp overnight at the Expo Park for our annual Scout show.  For those needing an extra night of camping for rank advancement, camping merit badge, etc. this is a great opportunity to do so.  No open fires will be allowed, but we will have a lot of fun anyways.

Scout Show Event chair Tami Lukas would like all of the units to do something individual to their unit so that the public can get an idea of what is offered.  The Order of the Arrow will be doing concessions.

On Friday night Troops and Packs will be helping to build a monkey bridge.

For any questions please contact Tami Lukas, event chair at 406-564-5344.


Silver Beaver Presentation for Paul Grosvold

silverbeaverThe Montana Council would like to honor distinguished Scouter Paul Grosvold with the Silver Beaver award.

A special Silver Beaver presentation for Paul Grosvold will be held on March 4, 2016 at 6:30pm at the Salvation Army Community Center, 1000 17th Ave S.  All Scouts and Scouters in units through the District, please make a point to attend! Refreshments will be provided.paul

Lewis and Clark District Day at the Montana Legislature

The Scout Oath begins with the words “On my honor, I will do my duty to God and my Country.” Part of doing your duty to your country is to be an engaged citizen in the workings of our democracy.

In Montana, our State legislature only meets for 90 days every other year. For the past 14 years, former Troop 4 Assistant Scoutmaster (and Cascade County Commissioner) Joe Briggs has arranged for the boys of our District to meet with legislative leaders and view both committee hearings and open sessions of the State House and Senate on President’s Day during the session.

This year, Troops from our District have the opportunity for these meetings on Monday, February 16, 2015. Troops need to meet at 8:30 am in the rotunda. They need to bring a sack lunch as Mr. Briggs has secured the old supreme court chambers for a lunch room for us. Thus far we have commitments from Governor Bullock and Senate President Barrett for meetings with the boys.

Each troop must make its own arrangements for required leadership and transportation as well as filling out required Tour plans and filing them with the Council office. In addition, the governor’s office has requested the names of both boys attending and the leaders in advance. Each Troop leader should provide that information to Mr. Briggs at jbriggs@briggscom.com.

Because of the nature of committee hearings and the requirement that guests remain quiet during much of the day we limit this to Boy Scouts only, no Cubs or Webelos. This gets to be a long day and the requirement that they be able to sit quietly has proven to be a problem for the younger boys.

These meetings DO qualify for requirements for First Class rank and the three Citizenship merit badges. Please talk to your merit badge counselor and Scoutmaster in advance. It would be a good idea to write out the questions you need to ask for these requirements before the meeting. There should be time for you to ask these questions.

Many thanks to Joe Briggs for organizing this important session for the Scouts of our District!

October Eagle Board DATE CHANGE

By Keith Hasbrouk

To all:

Due to a scheduling conflict with Peace Lutheran Church.  The October Eagle Board will NOT be on October 7th.  We are pushing it to October 21 at 7:00PM.  Again for those of you that did not get it.  The October Eagle Board will be ON OCTOBER 21 at 7:00PM at Peace Lutheran Church.

Feel free to respond with any questions.

Update on Critical District Issues: District Comm. Meeting Times, Medicine River, District Calendar

Dear Scouters,

We have received many excellent questions and requests for clarification on a number of issues facing us in Lewis and Clark District as we enter a new Scouting Year.  The next district meeting is coming up on Tuesday September 2 at the Great Falls East Stake Center.  It was noted that the district calendar has the meeting at 7pm, which would be a change from tradition.  If there are no major objections let’s try an even earlier time of 6:30 pm on September 2.  We’ll discuss a proposal to make this a “permanent” change at the meeting itself to make sure it works for folks in the long term.

Next, I had a more in-depth conversation with council leadership about their feelings on Medicine River Scout Center.  There is not a hearty appetite at this time on the council level for development of such a facility in any context or location.  The council has been focused lately on orchestrating major improvements to our Montana Council Scout Camps.  Improving our existing Scout Camp assets is a worthy goal from any perspective, and one that we on the district level should heartily support.  I suggested that, taking advantage of coincidence, now is a great time to pursue something like MRSC, as well.  The program benefits of a facility with the potential of Medicine River, it’s proximity and size, are hard to underestimate for our district.  In the short period that we have occupied the site, it has served us well on a number of levels.  The list of possible uses ranges from a permanent home for Cub Day Camp to episodic use for camporees, trainings, Courts of Honor, Crossover ceremonies.  Even a council camporee is not out of the realm of possibility for this site.  Long story short, I do believe if we can demonstrate that Lewis and Clark District, the home of the council headquarters, can promote, develop and utilize this site as a integral part of an excellent Scouting program, we’ll earn their blessing.  That said, there is a great deal of work left to be done and we’ll need commitments from volunteers at every level to succeed.  What this effort looks like will emerge from conversation amongst ourselves at District Meetings, Roundtables, Unit Meetings, Campouts etc.  We’ll resume the discussion at the District Meeting on September 2, 6:30 pm.

Lastly, there were further questions about the year’s calendar and inaccurate or missing dates on the website calendar.  We will flesh those dates out in the coming month, and hopefully arrive at something that resembles life as it happens, or die trying.

I’m looking forward to seeing a huge crowd of fired-up Scouters at the District Meeting.  It’s going to be an exciting year – I promise.

Yours in Scouting,

Peter Jennings   Chairman   Lewis and Clark District Committee