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Spooky Sled Contest

Spook up your sled and name the sled for additional points

Things just keep getting more fun!


Forrest C LaBelle



News from Camp Rotary

The snow is falling and gathering ever deeper at camp…..

There is no sound except for the rhythmic crunch,crunch,crunch of a heavy footstep in the snow, the being stops at every window……..peering in…..waiting. The tracks are all over circling the camp. He knows that soon they will be arriving,many of them,unaware of his presence,his patience,his ability to wait…wait…wait. Soon … will be soon

Are you ready for what lies in store

At Haunted Klondike?

News from Camp Rotary

I was notified today that the construction crews at Camp Rotary have packed their gear and left in a big panic………….

It seems that some strange things are going on there. There are reports of lights coming on at odd hours of the night.Things are coming up missing and many items are mysteriously moving to strange locations. Such as an air compressor  that was found upside down in the creek and tools strewn about the camp. One man reported that the toilets were flushing backward and  creating havoc.The crew claims they cannot sleep at night because of the howling of some tormented beast that continues until the dawn……………..

As it stands……we are on our own at Klondike. Maybe we should rethink this camp  out!


Are you still up for this?

“Haunted Klondike”

Something unsettling is going on at Camp Rotary………….

It was a dark and stormy night and as the torrential rain washed away the mud left over from the removal of Cabin #7 a grizzly sight revealed itself. Amid the mud gleamed the  tormented face of a skeleton that had been there for decades. The construction crew noticed  the tattered remains of a Vintage Scout Uniform and grasped in the skeletal fist was the remains of what looked like a wolfs skull. Unknown to them a Scout Leader came up missing on a Camporee Recon in 1940…………..

His name was Aloysious McGillicuddy

What happened here so long ago can only be speculated. We can only guess…..but it is certain that the ghost of that long ago Scout Leader will be visiting us this “HAUNTED KLONDIKE!”

More to Come


Forrest C LaBelle


10 Essentials PLUS FIVE?? What is that about?

A note from the camping committee:

The program for the Fall Camporee includes instructions to bring the 10 Essentials PLUS 5.  In your current Scout Book, the 10 Essentials are on pages 238-239.  (If you have an older book, you probably have been a Scout long enough to know your 10 Essentials…)

But PLUS FIVE?  What are those?  Never fear; they could include any five of:

  • Duct/Duck Tape
  • Rope/Cord
  • Survival Kit
  • Scout Book
  • Insect Repellant
  • Toilet Paper

So know you know.  Be prepared.