Fall Camporee Itinerary …..Fishing Merit Badge

2017 Fall camporee       CLICK HERE FOR ITINERARYack 1ack 4Ackley-Lake-State-Park-Map.mediumthumb.pdf


About Forrest LaBelle

Chairman for the Lewis and Clark Camping Committee
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4 Responses to Fall Camporee Itinerary …..Fishing Merit Badge

  1. Just reading through the contest point structure and noticed on #2 Camp Site Setup, it says something to the effect of “tent interiors will be judged for neatness and orderliness”.
    How will this be judged without violating YPT?

    • Forrest LaBelle says:

      Basically its just a peek in the tent and usually only one is picked and the inspection is done with two leaders while you are all in camp. usually during lunch

  2. Finally, I took the liberty of cleaning some of the formatting on the document linked above. Reduced from an 8 page doc to a 4 page document. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3vvkdyru4szapli/2017-Fall-Camporee.pdf?dl=0

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