Spring Camporee Results

First of all I need to know who has the Committee camera. It was to be passed back to me and I forgot to ask for it. If you have it please notify me soon as i cannot post pictures if i don’t have it.

We all had a great time at Mortimer Gulch camp. The weather for the most part was good,unlike the monsoon of 2016 or the blizzard of 2015. The hike was a spectacular and beautiful vistas to behold and I think the boys were impressed. The Skits are getting better every year and I am very impressed by the ability of the boys and what they come up with each year.

Thank you to the Leadership for keeping things running smooth as we have not had an incident in several years. Thank you Mike,Tami Big Tim, Little Tim ,Rex and Aaron and Gus for working the stations and keeping me free to watch over it all. The competition as usual was close.

The results are as follows………

4th Place…..Troop 7 Tee Pee’s and Troop 28 Wild Stallions tied at 2395 points

3rd Place…..Troop 14 Phoenix at 2453 points

2nd Place…..Troop 1051 at 2485 points

1st place ……Troop 26 Panthers at 2655 points


Congratulations to all of you and those who participated in the camp. I look forward to working with you all. I love watching the boys grow into young men and the willingness to learn.


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