Haunted Klondike Results

Greetings Scouts and Leaders. I am sorry I was so slow getting this notice out, but I caught the plague as soon as I got home. I am feeling better now but am glad it didn’t hit two days earlier.

We had a GREAT time even when the bathrooms froze up we all pulled together and figured out a plan to get thru the night. We were blessed by a septic system recovery sometime during the night.

I had a strange feeling that the Spirit of Papa Paul was with us as he watched over his group of boys one again.

The weather was fantastic for winter camping and the nights only criiiiiisp but warming quickly. The snow was like sugar and hard to work with,but the gates were amazing.

We had sled races on saturday and Troop 1 Thunderbirds came in first with a time of 22.41                                                                        Troop 14 Owls with a time of 22.80                                                                                                                                 Troop 1 Dragons with a time of 23.06                                   Very close

On the Creepy Gate Contest the winner was Troop 7 with Troop 28 just a tic behind                            both were great efforts as well as all of the rest……fun work

The Cemetery treasure hunt was won by Troop 28 Davies

Fastest fire starters …Troop 12

Perfect sled balancing Troop 12….Troop 151….Troop 155…..Both Troop 1 Patrols…Troop 14…..Troop 7

Rescue on the ice was won by Troop 14

The most helpful Scout award went to Noah Roberts Troop 1 who won a nifty backpack stove……….

So……Final results

4th place…..Troop 1 Dragons

3rd place……Troop 12

2nd place……Troop 14

1st place……..Troop 7…………

Prize money this year was scarce as Klondike is expensive to run but the Committee will award Troop 7  FREE admission to Spring Camporee ( some limitations apply)

Thank you all for coming to Klondike and I hope you had Nightmares when you got home!

Forrest C. LaBelle





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