Klondike Headcount

OK everybody the deadline for my headcount is Jan 16

I need to know who is coming

Just an anticipated headcount from each troop

it need not be accurate I just need an idea of what to bring for food and ice cream

I will post the schedule tomorrow


About Forrest LaBelle

Chairman for the Lewis and Clark Camping Committee
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7 Responses to Klondike Headcount

  1. Tom Lynch says:

    Troop 1001, 8 boys, 4 adults.

  2. Aaron Weissman says:

    Troop 1026, 8 boys and 5 adults

  3. Buzz Ritchie says:

    Troop 1 is bringing 8 Scouts and 4 adults.

  4. Eric Peterson says:

    Troop 1028, 12 Scouts, 5 adults

  5. Scott Davis says:

    Troop 1151 is bringing 6 boys and 2 adults.

  6. Neil Anthon says:

    Troop 12 will likely have 6 scouts and 3 -5 leaders.

  7. Dusty says:

    Troop 1908 Frenchtown should have 8 scouts and 4 adults

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