New competition Haunted Klondike

Spooky Sled Contest

Spook up your sled and name the sled for additional points

Things just keep getting more fun!


Forrest C LaBelle



Camp Rotary Notes

Those boys wishing to compete in the SPEED fire starting need to bring their own

Flint and Steel and tinder of their choosing ( no chemicals)

There will be three prizes for fastest times

These items need to be CARRIED BY THE USER

Not the sled


Tim Locke……788-0324


News from Camp Rotary

The snow is falling and gathering ever deeper at camp…..

There is no sound except for the rhythmic crunch,crunch,crunch of a heavy footstep in the snow, the being stops at every window……..peering in…..waiting. The tracks are all over circling the camp. He knows that soon they will be arriving,many of them,unaware of his presence,his patience,his ability to wait…wait…wait. Soon … will be soon

Are you ready for what lies in store

At Haunted Klondike?

Roundtable Tuesday

Hello Scouters! 

Just a reminder, roundtable is Tuesday night, at 6:30pm, and the usual location, the LDS stake center at 1015, 15th Ave South. Roundtable will be followed by district meeting. 
Hope to see you there!