“Haunted Klondike”

Something unsettling is going on at Camp Rotary………….

It was a dark and stormy night and as the torrential rain washed away the mud left over from the removal of Cabin #7 a grizzly sight revealed itself. Amid the mud gleamed the  tormented face of a skeleton that had been there for decades. The construction crew noticed  the tattered remains of a Vintage Scout Uniform and grasped in the skeletal fist was the remains of what looked like a wolfs skull. Unknown to them a Scout Leader came up missing on a Camporee Recon in 1940…………..

His name was Aloysious McGillicuddy

What happened here so long ago can only be speculated. We can only guess…..but it is certain that the ghost of that long ago Scout Leader will be visiting us this “HAUNTED KLONDIKE!”

More to Come


Forrest C LaBelle



About Forrest LaBelle

Chairman for the Lewis and Clark Camping Committee
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