Raise QUICK $ NOW!

Does your Pack/Troop need some quick money?
Wondering how to pay for camp?
Would you like more money to run your program?

Here’s your opportunity!


For every $10 card you sell, you get $5 back!  That’s a 50% return!

Here’s how:

  1. Ask a local business to sell in front (Albertson’s, Sam’s Club, etc.  The Dist Exec. can help make arrangements)
    2. Pickup cards (or have them delivered by the district executive)
    3. Sell cards, keep half of the money raised.
    4. Return unsold cards and money for sold cards to the office (or have them collected by the district executive)

It’s that easy!

A few Scouts sold cards in March for a few hours on a Saturday, and were able to pay for their ENTIRE Scout Camp this year!

Can be sold as an individual or as a unit with earnings being used at seller’s discretion.
YES! This IS approved for LDS units!

Discounts available for in store purchase at:

-Papa Johns
-Pizza Hut
-Bed Bath & Beyond
-Redbox, Enterprise rent-a-car
-Ace Hardware
…and more.

As well as 1,000’s of online redemption offers.


Contact Dustin Shoemake at 406-404-6071 or dustin.shoemake@scouting.org



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