Spring camporee….is nearly here

A call out to all troops! We are in need of some 3/4 to 1″ ropes for the tower raising. We have two and need four more. Message me if you can help. They will be returned unharmed.

We are looking forward to your arrival to a great and beautiful camp. A river runs through it and there is ample room for all. First to arrive gets first pick. Turn right at MM 79 and go 1 mile to the camp. Lincoln is close by for emergency needs.There is also a new amphitheater and benches.

Adult leadership cook off prize is a 5qt round top Dutch Oven with a hand forged tripod and S hook made by a Smithy friend of mine. Entries should be a main course dish of your choosing. It does NOT have to be cooked in an oven.Open pit, BBQ, foil type, basted,broiled or stewed ….you decide. NO PROPANE

Lastly I ask for a good attendance by the District as the prizes are given according to what we take in. Also Cracker barrell will be at Campsite 2 at 8:30 pm


Forrest C LaBelle


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