Lizagator won by Troop 19

Please ask about as I have some lost items from Camp.

A coat and gloves

e-mail me at if they are yours


Popcorn Seller’s Academy Reminder

Sending out a reminder to all about the district’s Popcorn Seller’s Academy.  Hopefully your unit’s popcorn chair has notified everyone of the event, tomorrow,  on September 21st.

Popcorn Sales are the way to raise money for activities for your Scouts and pay for a year of fun and adventure.  The more popcorn sold, the less funding that comes out of parent’s pockets.  By attending, your Scout will learn effective ways to “Fund His Adventure!”

Scouts will learn:

  • Exciting product lineup
  • Expert Advice
  • Simple steps for selling more popcorn
  • Online Selling at

This is a great opportunity for older and brand new Scouts!

See you and your Scouts tomorrow night at 6:30pm at the Salvation Army building, located at 1000 17th Ave S, Great Falls

Fall Camporee Results ….A good time by all

What a wonderful weekend we all had with the Prickly Pear District at Fall Camp. We had a strong turnout from Great Falls of about 80 people at the site in Wolf Creek, Montana.

I want to thank the Helena people as well as my own committee with all that they did to make this a success. ( Tim Locke…Tammy Lucas…Mike Lucas…Rex Jewett and Papa Paul.

Here are the results of what you did among yourselves…

1st place overall was ….Troop 14
2nd place……………..Troop 28
3rd place……………..Troop 1 Dragons

Troop 28 won best shelter
Troop 1 Dragons for 1st aid
Troop 14 for canoeing
Troop in for Lizagator
Troop 1 Dragons for knots
Troop 14 for toxic waste
Troop 14 for cooking

Special note was for Owen Rapcook for winning the distinguished Scout award !

Thank you again for being there and supporting the Lewis and Clark District
You Rocked!

Cub Scout Rendezvous!

It isn’t too late to participate in our Cub Scout Rendezvous at historic Fort Benton on September 19, 2015.

Don’t let your Scout miss out on the opportunity to learn from Civil War era soldiers, and Mountain Men!

Scouts will engage in activities such as “life of a soldier,” archery, Native American culture, fur trapping demonstrations, games, and various craft projects.  This is the last big outdoor activity of the year.

For more information and registration, visit the link below.

Please register ASAP to help us prepare enough food and supplies.

Hope to see you all there!

Fall Camporee Cooking Contest

The Cooking Contest is for the Patrols…..
You can cook anything you want by any method…..
Bring enough to the judging station for three judged to taste..
Must be there by 6:15

When arriving please check-in at the Station on the way in.

Canoe Race…the two Scouts in the canoe must have completed Summer swimming test. The Scoutmaster will be required to sign off on this at registration.

Shelter building…Each Patrol is required to bring their own building items

Cracker Barrel is for all Adults and Scouts to attend
There will be food and Prizes

Loren Brown

News from the Camping Committee

Was informed that above ground burn barrels are approved at Camporee . Also there is service project time available at fall camp, you will need limb saws and gloves. there is an attachment to this post from the Prickley Pear Camping Committee.
Hands across the Districts
Also note I am bringing ice cream to Cracker Barrel ………….
Also note to ignore the $8.00 fee as you have paid at the office already and the other $2.00 is to pay our Committee for misc. expenses