4th of July Parade – Big Flag Carry

American flag flying in the wind
American flag flying in the wind

What: Carrying the big Overlook Flag in the City of Great Falls 4th of July Parade. The Great Falls Association of Realtors has again asked the Boy Scouts to perform this honorable task.  Like years past, we will be third in line behind the military honor guard and veterans at the front of the parade.

Where: Assemble at the parking lot in front of 618 Park Drive S. the building next door to Stelling Engineering – the same location we have assembled for this event for the past two years. There is easy access and plenty of parking just off 2nd St. S. ****Note: we will NOT have access to bathrooms inside this year – please plan accordingly****

When: Plan to arrive at the assembly site by 10am. We will be marching in an orderly fashion to the parade start point next to the Civic Center on 1st Ave. S. at 10:30am. The parade starts at 11am sharp.

Please call Peter Jennings at 868-3574 with questions.  See you there!


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