BSA Trail to First Class Campout registration deadline soon!

By: Paul Grosvold

In order to register for the Trail to First Class Campout on April 17,18,19, each Troop must send me an email with a list of scouts and adults that will be attending, no later than NOON on Wed. April 15.. Cost of the campout is $5.00 per person, which includes a patch and tracking sheets, payable on arrival and check in at camp, so please bring cash or a check made out to BSA.

This year, there will be a lock on the gate to the lower campground, as the whole campground is closed to the public. In order to gain access to the campground, you will need the combination for the lock. I will email the gate combination to each troop when I get your registration. For those of you coming up for Outdoor Leader Skills, who may not be camping with a Troop, you can get the combination from the District Training Chair, Keith Head, or myself.

Please forward this to any unit leaders who may be attending and are not on the attached email list.. Those of you who have access to the District blog, please post this there.

Looking forward to a great campout,Tap Out Ceremony and great weather!

Paul Grosvold, Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor, 406-788-2627

Trail to First Class Camping Guide 2015

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