Spring Camporee 2015

2015 Spring Camporee

2 thoughts on “Spring Camporee 2015

  1. Forrest, why was this event moved from the weekend of May 8 to the weekend of May 15?? I had made plans based on the previously published schedule.

  2. Greetings Aaron,
    The Camping Committee moved the dates of Spring Camporee because the weekend it was posted was Mothers Day weekend. I changed it because the attendance would have been dismal, and I would have lost most of my Committee members that weekend. When the calendar was set up I do not think anyone noticed that the date fell on Mothers day. If you look at the date posted ,it was the second weekend of the month. All Camporees fall on the third weekend of the month. If in the future if you see a date that is not the third weekend it is wrong. The Committee will post any date changes and the reason why we changed it, as far out for notice as we can.

    This happened last year also when there was an attempt to move a Camporee that conflicted with another event, but I kept the original date, I plan all my events a year in advance so that is why the weeks should never change. I am already planning Fall Camp which will be September 18,19,20.

    Forrest C. LaBelle II

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