District Pinewood Derby- 2015

The Lewis & Clark District’s annual Pinewood Derby is scheduled for March 7.  At this time, the district is still in need of a few volunteers to help with this event.  It is not much more effort than putting on a Pack Pinewood Derby.  If you or your pack is interested in helping with this event, please contact Dustin Shoemake at: dustin.shoemake@scouting.org or 406-403-5675.

If we do not have volunteers to run the event, we simply will not be able to have a District Pinewood Derby.

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3 Responses to District Pinewood Derby- 2015

  1. sbechard says:

    Updated information from the District for Pinewood Derby:

    Weigh-ins will be Friday night March 6th from 6-8pm
    Out of town Weigh-ins will be Saturday morning @ 9am
    Event start time will be Saturday morning @10am
    Fee is $5 per scout – needs to be paid at once by unit.

    If you are willing to volunteer to assist with the event please contact Mike Lucas @ 799-8205

  2. Glenda Burton says:

    Location? Where is the Pinewood Derby being held?

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