Update on Critical District Issues: District Comm. Meeting Times, Medicine River, District Calendar

Dear Scouters,

We have received many excellent questions and requests for clarification on a number of issues facing us in Lewis and Clark District as we enter a new Scouting Year.  The next district meeting is coming up on Tuesday September 2 at the Great Falls East Stake Center.  It was noted that the district calendar has the meeting at 7pm, which would be a change from tradition.  If there are no major objections let’s try an even earlier time of 6:30 pm on September 2.  We’ll discuss a proposal to make this a “permanent” change at the meeting itself to make sure it works for folks in the long term.

Next, I had a more in-depth conversation with council leadership about their feelings on Medicine River Scout Center.  There is not a hearty appetite at this time on the council level for development of such a facility in any context or location.  The council has been focused lately on orchestrating major improvements to our Montana Council Scout Camps.  Improving our existing Scout Camp assets is a worthy goal from any perspective, and one that we on the district level should heartily support.  I suggested that, taking advantage of coincidence, now is a great time to pursue something like MRSC, as well.  The program benefits of a facility with the potential of Medicine River, it’s proximity and size, are hard to underestimate for our district.  In the short period that we have occupied the site, it has served us well on a number of levels.  The list of possible uses ranges from a permanent home for Cub Day Camp to episodic use for camporees, trainings, Courts of Honor, Crossover ceremonies.  Even a council camporee is not out of the realm of possibility for this site.  Long story short, I do believe if we can demonstrate that Lewis and Clark District, the home of the council headquarters, can promote, develop and utilize this site as a integral part of an excellent Scouting program, we’ll earn their blessing.  That said, there is a great deal of work left to be done and we’ll need commitments from volunteers at every level to succeed.  What this effort looks like will emerge from conversation amongst ourselves at District Meetings, Roundtables, Unit Meetings, Campouts etc.  We’ll resume the discussion at the District Meeting on September 2, 6:30 pm.

Lastly, there were further questions about the year’s calendar and inaccurate or missing dates on the website calendar.  We will flesh those dates out in the coming month, and hopefully arrive at something that resembles life as it happens, or die trying.

I’m looking forward to seeing a huge crowd of fired-up Scouters at the District Meeting.  It’s going to be an exciting year – I promise.

Yours in Scouting,

Peter Jennings   Chairman   Lewis and Clark District Committee


2014 Fall Camporee Leader’s Guide with Registration Form and Map

Lewis and Clark District Scouters!

Tim has asked me to insert a copy of our District Camporee registration form into the Leader’s Guide put together for our Camporee next month.  So, without further ado, please click on the Lewis and Clark 2014 Fall Camporee leader’s guide with registration form to download the guide in PDF!

Yours in Scouting,


Scout Night with the Voyagers – August 29, 2014

Just a friendly reminder – Scout Night with the Voyagers is fast approaching. If you haven’t already, please preorder your tickets utilizing the form below. See you at the ballgame……

Friday August 29, 2014, is our annual Scout Night at Centene Stadium with the Great Falls Voyagers. This has become one of our largest and most popular district wide events. Come out and root on the 1st place Voyagers as they battle the Helena Senators. First pitch is at 7 p.m. Discounted tickets for scouts and families are available if pre-purchased utilizing the attached order form. Scouts and scouters are encouraged to wear their class A/field dress uniforms. Bring a tent and sleeping bag. Following the game scouts and families will be allowed to campout in the outfield. Sorry, no tent stakes or campfires!! Questions may be directed to Bill Rutten at 406 750-1632.

ScoutNight 2014

Discussion on Medicine River Scout Center

At the next District Meeting on Sept. 2 we will have a discussion and district vote to determine our future plans for Medicine River Scout Center.  Any individual who wishes to express an opinion to the committee should attend this meeting and be heard.  This has been a project now three years-plus in the making and has many pros and cons.  As a district, we will need to determine whether it is more an asset or a liability to our local program and whether we have the appetite and resources to complete the rehabilitation and future maintenance of this large property, or not.  I will be guaging the council’s interest this weekend at the council board meeting.  As the new District Chair, I will no longer be able to function as the chairman of the Medicine River Scout Center Development Committee.  We will therefore need someone to step forward to occupy that role.  I am happy to advise and participate in the effort to rehab and maintain the site, if the district committee decides to support it.  Please consider carefully the costs and benefits of this project.  Also, please inform anyone who may be interested in leadership in this project to contact me.

Sincerely,  Peter Jennings   District Chairman  Lewis and Clark District  cell 868-3574

Mountain Weather training opportunity available on October 4

I would like to invite you all to a professional Mountain Weather Course adapted for scouting youth and leaders. Please distribute this notice to all scouting units and leaders. If you have questions please e-mail tim.patterson11@gmail.com or call 403-479-3234. See you all there!


Scouting activities are extremely weather dependent, specifically if you are hiking, camping or moving through mountainous environments. This full day mountain weather course will assist you in basic mountain weather knowledge from common mountain weather to identification of hazardous weather. This course presumes no previous weather knowledge and contains weather analysis, publicly available Internet resources and proper interpretation of publicly available forecasts from a computer and in the field. The day ends with developing a real forecast base on current conditions.

If you have the BSA online Hazardous Weather course and would like to learn more specific to mountainous environments, this course is for you!


At the end of the courses, students will:
• Have a toolbox of resources to access current weather information
(observations, forecasts, discussions etc.).
• Be able to interpret mountain weather and its changes.
• Be able to interpret and tailor those forecasts to mountainous travel.
• Be able to assist scouts in attaining their weather merit badge.


Rod Palsman has 20 years of experience in Canada’s Rocky Mountains with the Alpine Club of Canada and has instructed Mountain Weather courses to many outdoor organizations such as, Calgary Search and Rescue and the Interpretive Guides Association.

Tim Patterson has 30 years of experience in mountainous environments and is a certified Assistant Hiking Guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Tim is a qualified outdoor trainer with both Scouts Canada and the Boy Scouts of America.

Who: Senior Boy Scout, Venture and Rover Youth, Boy Scout,
Venture and Rover Leaders

Date: Saturday October 4, 2014

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Lunch: Will be Provided

Location: Scouts Canada Camp Impessa

Cost: Presenter Fee: $16.60 + Camp Fee: $9.00 = Total Cost $25.60
Camping is available if you want to stay, please inform Cindy at time of registration, extra fee may apply

Registration: Please call today to the Calgary Scout Office – Cindy

Flag Ceremony for Municipal Band Concert Sought

This is a call out for a unit to volunteer to present a flag ceremony at the municipal band concert at the band shell at Gibson Park August 13 at 7:30pm.  The drill is the following:  Boys present unit and American flags with one boy calling orders to the color guard only.  Posting colors consists of holding the flags.  The band leader will lead audience participation. The band plays The Star-Spangled Banner.  The boys retire the colors.  Everyone enjoys a great concert.  Troop 26 has agreed to present the ceremony at the Aug. 6 concert.  Please call Peter Jennings at 868-3574 or email me at petercj1@hotmail.com.