Jamboree On The Air

This next weekend October 18-20th is Jamboree On The Air, a time when scouts all over the world get on Ham Radios and talk to each other! It will be held at Medicine River Scout Center, out Central Ave West about two miles out of town.
Troop 26 will be camping out from Friday to Sunday, and would like to invite any and all scouts to join us!

We will have three or four radio stations up, as well as a CW (morse code) station where the boys can send messages to each other via two keys.
We will also be offering the Radio Merit Badge at 2pm on Saturday. There will be Merit Badge books and materials to work on it there. Keep in mind that to obtain the merit badge that day, boys will need to do some advance reading and a worksheet. I will have the worksheets and books there, so come early if you want to get it done Saturday.
I will be teaching the Electronics Merit Badge as well, it will involve building a simple circuit, learning what different electronic components are and how they work, and learning to solder. All materials will be provided.
So, come one, come all! Should be a great time!


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