2013 Weapons Collector Society Youth Shoot

The 2013 Youth Shoot will be held August 17,2013 at the Missouri River Shooters 300 yard Range. 

Youth should be between the ages of 12-17, and must have a parent or guardian sign a release form before they can shoot. Forms can be mailed in advance, or signed at the shoot. There is NO cost to participate.

Youth will be able to shoot a variety of current and historical firearms including sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, muzzle loaders, and many more!

Sessions will be held at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Space is limited, So please register in advance and indicate which session you prefer. Registration is first come-first served.

For more details and information contact H.J. Lamb at 590-7897 or Dennis McCarty at 452-8939 or go to “wcsofmt.com” and click on “District 1 Activities – YOUTH SHOOT”

The Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex is located at:

171 Morony Dam Road, Great Falls, MT 59404

wcs release form



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