Bryan on Scouting

scoutcast-logo1Scouters love to shoot the breeze about the next campout, newest merit badge, or tastiest recipe.

But when someone brings up a more-sensitive topic at a roundtable or leader meeting, it’s often greeted by silence.

That’s where the new ScoutCast comes in. The new podcast, a close relative of the popular CubCast, will focus on topics that you might not feel comfortable talking about at roundtable meetings, such as bullying. That’s January’s subject.

The goal: Get you and your fellow Scouters thinking and, ideally, talking about these critical issues facing Boy Scouts.

The hosts are familiar faces voices to those of us who work for the BSA’s magazines. Meet J.D. Owen, editor-in-chief of Boys’ LifeScouting, and Eagle Scout magazines, and Paula Murphey, senior editor of Boys’ Life.

For the debut episode, J.D. and Paula chat with New York Times best-selling author Michael Gurian about the best…

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