Lewis and Clark District Popcorn – Total Sales $258,660

This amazing total is almost 18% ($39,430) higher than last year’s excellent total – making this our biggest popcorn sale ever!!

Our extraordinary District Kernel, Devin Hartley, emphasized the Scouts of Lewis and Clark District were undaunted by their stretch goal of $240,000 for 2012 and that the results of this year’s sales demonstrate the citizens of Lewis and Clark District continue to love and support the Boy Scouts.  It also showed the focus and determination of our Unit Popcorn Chairs and the many Cub and Boy Scout salesmen. 

A huge congratulation to our Unit Popcorn Chairs, Unit Leaders, all of the Scout salesmen and their families for a job well done!

The popcorn is still scheduled to be delivered in Great Falls on Thursday, November 8, 2012, and should be available for Unit pick up late afternoon/early evening on Thursday from the Big R Distribution Center, 5109 Alaska Trail, Great Falls, MT. 


3 thoughts on “Lewis and Clark District Popcorn – Total Sales $258,660

  1. I am visiting my son in Everett, WA, and the Lewis and Clark District far exceeds their effort in selling popcorn.

    Great Job!!!

    Dave Mikulecky


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