Popcorn Mystery Houses

By Devin Hartley

Good afternoon. I wanted to send out a quick reminder that the 5 Mystery Houses are identified and ready to go. They are located in the following general areas:
Black Eagle – North side of the river and east of 9th St.
South of Sunny Side – bordered by 19th Ave. S. to 33rd Ave. S. and 19th St. S. to 14th St. S.
West Side – north of Hickory Swing Golf course, west of 3rd St SW, south of NW Bypass and east of Vaughn Rd.
North East Great Falls – bordered by 57th St. N. to 38th St. N. and 2nd Ave. N. to 10th Ave. N.
Central Great Falls – bordered by 10th Ave. S. to 8th Ave. N. and 38th St. to 15th St.

I still need a few units to report week 2 sales, but I will get out the spreadsheet as soon as I have the data collected. So far sales seem a little light for week two so let’s encourage our scouts to “Knock it out of the park” in week three.

Devin Hartley, CSM
District Popcorn Kernal
p. 406-727-2089
f. 406-761-6944

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2 Responses to Popcorn Mystery Houses

  1. Reblogged this on Troop 26 of Great Falls, MT and commented:

    The popcorn sale is still going strong! We have been talking about investing in things, like improving our Troop Trailer, to make our Troop stronger. We can only do it if YOU help our Troop through the popcorn sale.

  2. sbechard says:

    any updates on the mystery houses have any of them been found

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