October Roundtable and District Meeting Agenda

Montana Council
Lewis and Clark District
District Roundtable and Meeting
LDS Stake Center, 1015 15th Ave S
October 2, 2012

1. Roundtables 6:30-7:30 p.m.
A. Cub Scout – Responsibilities, Awards and Ceremonies
B. Boy Scout – Meet and Greet with new Roundtable Commissioner. Come and share your thoughts, ideas, etc.
2. District meeting – Opening, 7:30 p.m.
3. Approval of Minutes of the September meeting
4. Welcome, introductions and recognitions
5. Old/New Business – Committee Reports
A. Upcoming Events – Popcorn Sales (ongoing), District Recharting, Cub Scout Fun Day Fort Benton
B. Upcoming Training – Leader Specific, JOTA, Outdoor Leader Training, 2013 Wood Badge
C. Medicine River Scout Center
D. Camping Committee – Final report from Fall Camporee, Klondike
6. District Executive Report
7. District Commissioner Report
8. District Chair Report
9. Other Business
A. Jory Dellinger, Development & Marketing Director – 2013 Montana Council Annual Meeting
10. Adjournment
Next Meeting November 6, 2012, 6:30 p.m. at LDS Stake Center, 1015 15th Avenue South.


Bryan on Scouting

One study says chocolate is good for you, while another swears it’ll kill you.

When it comes to information about nutrition and health, cutting through the fat to get to the good stuff online isn’t easy.

Enter the BSA’s new SCOUTStrong site. The news aggregator collects Scout-approved, health-related news articles, podcasts, and videos in one spot for easy viewing. The goal: making Scouts and Scouters physically strong, mentally awake, and completely prepared for the jamboree and other BSA adventures ahead.

After spending a few minutes on the site, any adult — leader, volunteer, parent — should feel empowered to pass on the lessons learned to their Scouts. 

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Bryan on Scouting

A troop without an activity calendar is like a car without a steering wheel: It lacks direction.

In the Boy Scouts, creating a troop calendar for the next six to 12 months doesn’t happen by itself. It takes dedication from a well-trained Patrol Leaders’ Council — and the right amount of guidance from adult leaders like you.

But how much guidance is too much? What works — and what doesn’t — at a troop planning conference?

I asked Scouters on Facebook and Twitter, and they shared these ideas:

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Unit Popcorn Chair Training

Unit Popcorn Chairs:

As a reminder, the 2012 Lewis & Clark District Popcorn Chair training is scheduled for this Thursday, September 13, 2012, from 6-8 p.m.  The training will take place at the O’Haire Motor Inn, 17 7th Street South.  Dinner will be provided.  Bring two people from your unit to receive a 1% sales bonus.  We have a couple of exciting new products for 2012.  Popcorn sales begin September 29, 2012.  Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you this year. 

Devin Hartley, Lewis & Clark District Popcorn Chair.



Bryan on Scouting

“Who is responsible for this?”

The question conjures an image of a frazzled den leader, hands on hips, looking out over the mess the boys left behind.

But spin the phrase around, and it can follow a praiseworthy moment where Scouts did what’s right without your having to ask.

Encourage moral accountability in your Scouts by teaching Responsibility, October’s Cub Scout Core Value — and the subject of Part 1 of the September Cubcast

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Update on District Committee Training 9/8/12

The District Committee training is this Saturday, 9/12. Hopefully, every member of the Lewis and Clark District Committee is planning on attending. If you are registered as a member of the District finance team, membership team, training team, camping committee, etc – you need to be there! This is the first time we have offered this training in a long time.

Cory Keith, the Council Training Chair, is a part of this training along with additional members of the Council training team.

The training begins at 9am (check in at 8:30-8:45am) and will last until roughly 2pm. Please bring a lunch with you.

The training is being held at the LDS church at: 4601 3rd Avenue South in Great Falls.

If you have any questions, please call Kyle 868-5648