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Cash or check only? Not anymore.

Thanks to some handy new tech tools, it’s possible to accept credit cards at your unit’s next popcorn sale, carwash, or other money-earning project.

That eliminates a big reason customers give when choosing not to buy from packs, troops, teams, or crews at events like Show and Sells: “Sorry, I don’t have any cash.”

Enter the card readers. These free, pocketable devices plug into the headphone jack on your iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone. Just like that, you’re set up to accept credit cards.

They’re secure, they look professional, and they give you quick access to your funds. I even hear that some councils are giving them out at popcorn kickoff events.

Here’s a look at the three biggest card readers out there, each with its own special features: 

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Bryan on Scouting

Donovan Fisher isn’t your typical door-to-door salesman.

“The Popcorn Scout,” as he’s now known, is a 12-year-old marketing prodigy who in 2011 sold $9,208 in Trail’s End popcorn and chocolate pretzels, ranking 14th among all Boy Scouts in the U.S.

I first read about Donovan last year on the marketing Web site “Web.Search.Social.” Here’s what marketing pro Scott McKelvey wrote about Donovan: 

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Urgent – A Troop is needed for a flag ceremony on Thursday!

I received a phone from Russ Ehnes today looking for a Scout Troop to present flags and lead in the Pledge of Allegiance on Thursday. He is with an organization that is working with the BSA and the Montana Council to bring an ATV program to K-M as a summer camp activity for our Scouts. The Council Scout Executive, Gordon Rubard, and John Manz from the Council Executive Board will be attending this meeting.

Here is the email from Mr. Ehnes:

As we discussed, we would be thrilled to have BSA members present the colors and lead us in the pledge of allegiance Thursday night at the Holiday Inn at 7:00 in Great Falls. The event is the annual conference for NOHVCC and about 175 people from all across the US and Canada.

My cell is 406-899-0898.
Russ Ehnes

If you are interested, please call Mr. Ehnes to arrange.

Reminder – Junior Leader Training – Saturday 8/18

On Saturday August 18th, the Lewis and Clark District will be offering a Junior Leader Training course to all area Boy Scouts and Boy Scout Leaders. This course is intended for all current Troop leadership or future Troop leaders.
The purpose of the course is to define the Patrol Method, explain leadership position responsibilities, and instruct adult leaders on how to empower a youth led Troop.
The course will begin at 9am and will be held at the LDS Stake Center (same as the Roundtable and District Meeting). Every attendee should bring a lunch and drink as the course will last into the afternoon.
This is the first time we have done a district wide JLT and it would be fantastic if we had a huge turnout.

If you have any questions, please email Kyle at:

Update on Baseball Night and Scout Show

Scout Night at the Voyagers and our Scout Show is coming up quickly!

Friday, August 24th is our combined Baseball Night and Scout Show. The prices this year will be the same as last year: $3 tickets or $5 for tickets and meal (hot dog and drink). We will have a dedicated Scout check-in table in front of the stadium for Scouts and families to pick-up their tickets. We will again sit in a dedicated Scout seating area and all of the on-field activities will feature Scouts. Please wear your uniform, it looks great to see the stands full of our Cubs, Boys, Venturers, and leaders all in full uniform.

Also, don’t forget that our Scout Show will be at the stadium during the game! All of the general public attending (as well as our Scouts) will have the opportunity to see the displays, see what Scouting is all about, and vote on the best set-ups. I have heard from some units already – I know a Troop is going to build a pioneering tower, there will be a fishing display, and a table about summer camp.

This our chance to put together some amazing displays to show off what we do!

If you have any questions, call Bill at 750-1632.

Cub Scout Recruitment Training

Thursday, August 16 at 6pm in the basement of the Scout Office will be our annual Fall Recruitment Training for our Cub Packs. We will discuss how to plan a successful recruiting campaign, what should be done at your unit’s open house, and go over this year’s materials.

It will be similar to popcorn training where every unit will leave with materials to carry out their recruitment efforts. It is great training that lasts about an hour. Lots of discussion about what works, what doesn’t work, and a great opportunity to hear what other Packs do.

If you have any questions, call Jeff Goble at 403-3494.