Jamboree on the Trail? What a cool idea!

Scouter Adam: Notes from the District Commish

Jamboree on the Trail is this May 12th.  It’s the day before Mother’s Day.  It is also an unofficial International Scouting event.  As with all things Cool, it started up in Canada and progressed around the world.  For the past several years I have tried to make this event happen for the Pack.  Last year, I was at Gilwell Field for Woodbadge 2011.  The year before just did not happen since I forgot.

This year, I put it on the calendar and made it happen through the Cubmaster Hike program that I started.   The first hike was great.   The Elk Rock Island hike will be on the Willamette River in Portland, OR.   With the description of “The island represents part of an ancient volcano that erupted about 40 million years ago. The large, jagged rocks (Waverly Heights basalt) found throughout the island were formed by lava flows, and may be…

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