Outdoor Leader Training Logistics

By Keith Hasbrouk

To All:

This info is for you or your people that are planning on attending the Outdoor Leader Training.  You will need to bring all your personal camping gear that you would need for a weekend camp.  You will be camping with your unit.  The training will be at a designated site of which I don’t know as of yet.  The training will start at 7 PM on Friday and should be over by dinner on Saturday.

The one thing you will need to bring is a cookable lunch.  One of the requirements is that you cook a hot lunch.  Now, the instruction say it can be anything as long as it is not hot dogs and hamburgers.  It can be a anything else that is cookable.  And since your units should be camping up there as well then cookware should not be an issue as you can borrow from them.

Please feel free to respond with any questions and I will try to get them answered.


Keith H (khasbrouck@northwestpipe.com)

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