2012 District Derby Day

The District Derby Day is fast approaching!

Join us Saturday, March 3rd at the Paris Gibson Education Center gym for a day of racing. Cubs can race their cars, boats, and (new this year) tri-marans! If you are a Webelos, bring your Big Rig and race your truck down the track.

This is your chance to see all of the cars and boats from all of the Cub Scout Packs around Great Falls and surrounding communities. Come and race against boys from different Packs. If you are in a Pack in Cascade, Choteau, Ft. Benton, etc we invite you as well! Everyone is welcome.

Just a reminder that any car can race. You don’t have to have won your Pack race to participate. As a matter of fact, if you didn’t do well in your Pack race, feel free to tweak or alter your car (as long as you follow the rules) to improve it for the city-wide race!

As always check-in will be the night before and the vehicles will be kept overnight.

Here are the rules and additional info: LEWIS AND CLARK DERBY DAYS 2012


Map to Camp Rotary

Camp Rotary is between mileposts 43 and 45 on US-89, a few miles past the Lazy Doe.  Latitude 47.0280103659, Longitude -110.779673272.

Click on “View Larger Map” below for a printable set of directions.

Updates on the Klondike

From: Dave Mikulecky
Subject: Updates on the Klondike
Date: January 16, 2012 9:36:57 PM MST

The boys should all have a change of clothes plus extra socks gloves etc.
You will need to bring your fire wood for cooking or what ever you are going to cook with. 
You will also need to bring your own water to cook with and wash with.  There will be no cooking or washing facilities available.
The road from the highway to the camp is approximately 2-3 miles long and is basically a one way road.  We have arraigned for plowing but it might be a good idea to bring tire chains and a tow chain or rope.  I have always found that when I have them I don’t need them and when I don’t have them I need them. 
Also be sure that you have enough rope and poles for event # 6 Hoist a log and event #10 Tying 8 knots.
As the Cubs will be staying in the Main Lodge they will be in charge of cleaning it up.  Bring supplies!!!
Due to the limited parking area, it may be necessary for some to come into camp and unload and then go back and park at or near the Lazy Doe.
Good Luck and see you there.
Dave M

Be Prepared for Klondike

20120116-065455.jpgThe Klondike Derby is in less than a week, and it is snowing at Camp Rotary!

Be Prepared for all weather conditions at Klondike! Overnight temps will be sufficient so that Scouts should be able to earn frost points toward their 100 degrees of frost patch.

Camping committee member Bob Dowdy has the following message for participants:

From: Robert A Dowdy
Subject: Klondike

This time next week we will be at Klondike. Would send out a reminder for the leaders? I want them to go over winter safety and proper clothing with the scouts, on the Webelos side they need to talk to the parents. We want a fun and safe event. If the Webelos are going to have a fire in the lodge they are going to need to have a adult on fire watch at all times.

A Message From Florida Sea Base

Florida Sea Base Lottery Registration Set to Open

The registration period for
The lottery for 2013 high adventures at the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base opens January 15. Below are key points to remember as you register:

· The registration period is from January 15 to February 15.

· Access to the Sea Base lottery is obtained through the Sea Base website, http://www.bsaseabase.org.

· A Scout unit leader must create an account to access the reservation site. If the unit already has an account, another one can’t be created. Contact Sea Base for additional information if you can’t access your account.

· A unit can request any number of dates and adventures that interest its Scouts.

· Requests can be prioritized to increase the chances that the unit gets one of its top choices.

· Requests can be added, deleted, or reprioritized during the lottery period.

· Multiple crews can be requested for a specific date and adventure.

· When a date and adventure are awarded to a unit, the unit gets all the crews requested. HOWEVER, units can’t mix and match different adventures on the same date.

· Units will be notified of the lottery results by March 1.

· Units have 30 days to send a $100-per-person deposit to confirm reservations.

· All remaining vacancies will be made available on the reservation site on a first-come, first-served basis.

· All adventure materials will be mailed in the fall after the first-half payment is received.

· Individuals and small groups may attend Sea Base using Scout Connections on the website.

Annual Tour Plan — not specific Tour Plan — required for Klondike Participation

From: Ruth Fischer
Date: January 12, 2012 5:18:02 PM MST
Subject: L&C Klondike

Hi to all our L&C Scouters,

I have had a lot of questions about the winter Klondike coming up this month and whether or not a Specific Tour Plan is required. A Specific Tour plan is Not required for this event. The reason why is that it is a District event.

However you do need to have a 2012 Annual Tour Plan that was filled out and submitted to the Council office after October 1, 2011 with you when you check in at the Klondike.

If you have already turned in a Specific Tour Plan that is fine—I have been returning them and they will be accepted at the Klondike—but all you really need to take with you is your Annual Tour Plan. I hope everyone has a great time out in our Great Out Doors. Dress Warm!!!

If anyone has any questions regarding Tour Plans please call me at the office I will be happy to help.

Ruth Fischer
Friends of Scouting Secretary
Office 406-761-6000 Fax 406-761-4480