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Update (Feb. 1, 2012): The 2012 deadline has passed, but check back for info on the 2013 scholarships at the end of the year.

Know an Eagle Scout headed to college?

Then read on: Tuesday, Jan. 31, is the deadline for Eagle Scouts who are high school seniors to apply for a 2012 National Eagle Scout Association scholarship.

In all, 153 scholarships, each between $1,000 and $50,000, will be presented to worthy Eagle Scouts based on their Scouting record, school performance, and financial need.

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Bryan on Scouting

The next big thing: Will one of your Scouts invent it?

Encourage that future Ford, Fulton, or Bell to enter the Boy Scouts of America and Edison Nation Challenge, where creative thinkers could get help turning their ideas into products.

Edison Nation, an “idea-to-shelf product developer,” has teamed up with the BSA to promote this challenge. But despite the collaboration, the challenge is open to boys and girls ages 7 to 21, regardless of BSA membership.

Couple this news with the recent release of the Inventing merit badge, and there’s no better time to get your Scouts to think about their new ideas.

Here’s how it works:

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Davidson Donation Funds New Lodge at Camp Rotary

            In a surprise announcement today, Rotary Club of Great Falls learned that the long-awaited construction of a new lodge at Camp Rotary will begin in August, made possible by a generation donation from Ian and Nancy Davidson.

Camp Rotary has been a service project of the Great Falls club since 1918.   Through a special use permit by the U.S. Forest Service, the 4.5-acre site in the Lewis and Clark Forest, five miles south of Monarch, hosts more than 800 children each year through programs offered by various community organizations.   With the construction of the new all-weather lodge, Camp Rotary can operate year-round, offering many more children and programs the opportunity to use Camp Rotary at minimal cost.

As the longest-enrolled member of Rotary Club of Great Falls, Ian Davidson was well aware of the challenges the aging facility was facing, as well as the good works the camp has historically made possible for children living in challenging circumstances.   His donation will allow the club to demolish the present lodge and construct an entirely new one in its footprint.  Bruce Davidson will be the architect for the project, with Sletten Construction handling the construction.  Davidson Lodge, as the new lodge will be called, will be ready for campers by June 2013.

Marianne Granlie, past president and current secretary/treasurer for Rotary Club of Great Falls, noted that although Harvest Howl generates revenues for the ongoing maintenance and operation of Camp Rotary, revenues for the badly needed new construction seemed beyond reach.  “We cannot thank the Davidsons enough for their generosity.”  She said.  “Their good works can be seen throughout the community and the state, and how appropriate that our most veteran member has ensured that our most veteran project can continue for another 94 years.”

Snow Sports Merit Badge/Belt Loop Class at Showdown on 1/29

The second session of our District Snow Sports Merit Badge/Belt Loop class will be held at Showdown on Sunday, January 29.  There are a few logistics changes from the first class.

  1. All participants must sign up and pay beforehand at the Scout office by the end of the day on Thursday, January 26.  Rental forms and signup sheets are at the front desk at the Great Falls scout office.  Participants should make a check to “Showdown” and give it to the Scout office for their total.  Payment must be either check or cash for ther exact amount as the Scout Office can’t ring in payments for Showdown.
  2. Prices may be different from the first session.  The $25 learn to ski package is only appropriate if you are a beginning skier who still needs to begin at the magic carpet.  Pricing for more experienced participants is as follows:
    1. Adult all-area lift pass (13-69):  $32
    2. Junior all-area lift pass (6-12):  $17
    3. Beginner chair only lift pass:  $18
    4. Group lessons:  $12
    5. Ski, boot and pole rental:  $18
    6. Snowboard and boot rental:  $30
  3. Beginner participants who are not ready for the sluice-goose-caboose chair may still utilize the $25 learn to ski package.
  4. Participants should plan on arriving at Showdown by 9 a.m. on 1/29.  Participants should meet Aaron Weissman on the 3rd floor of the Showdown lodge by the Guest services office.
  5. Questions?  Call Aaron at 868-8982 or email

College of Commissioner Science in the Flathead

Fellow Scouters,
It has been five years since the last College of Commissioner Science was held here in the Northwest corner of the state. We have scheduled a course for April 21st here in Kalispell. In order for this to be a success we need to know how many are interested in attending this one day training. The cost is $30.00 which includes your books, patch and lunch. Classes will start at 8:30am and run until 5:00pm. We have to have at least 20 participants to make this a go.

Even though this course was written for commissioners at all levels it is a must for all involved in the Scouting program. All Unit Leaders, COR’s, Unit Committee Chairman, Committee Members, District and Council Members should attend this course.

I have attached the Bachelors Program to give you an idea of what is actually going to happen the day of training. Also is a list of the classes that will be taught by specific programs for those wanting to obtain their Masters (2nd year) and PHD (3rd year).

From three years straight (2005-2007) the course had over 35 Scouter’s in attendance each year. This shows you how in demand this course is.

I need to know if their are at least 20 Scouters interested in attending so the planning for this can begin. Pass this on to your units. Please send me a quick response with your name and what level you would be taking. An official registration sign up sheet will be coming out as soon as we have a location.

In the Spirit of Scouting,
Jim Atkinson

BCS Timeline 120421.pdf


Venturing Winter Mountaineering Trip


Attention all Venture Scouts and older Scouts interested in joining Venturing!

We are inviting you on a winter mountaineering trip in February!

We are planning a winter venture trip for the 17th and 18th of February. This trip will be a SUMMIT ATTEMPT of Rocky Mountain which is just west of Choteau. This will be a very fun, exciting, and challenging trip reserved for Venture Scouts.

We will be meeting at the Scout office at 6:30 pm on the 16th for a bag drag (gear check) to ensure every one has the required gear for the trip. Scouts without the required items will not be allowed to attend the trip. If you have ANY issues gathering the gear please let me know. I can help ( or (406) 899-1886).

We will meet in the parking lot of the Choteau Forest Service office at 6:30pm on Friday the 17th. From there we will drive as a group as close to the trailhead as we can and hiking from there. The hike will be about two miles of snow covered road from the vehicles to to the campsite. The 18th will be an extremely exciting day culminating in summitting the highest point in the Sawtooth mountain range. We will be on the trail by 7am to complete the 3.5 mile off trail hike for a summit by noon and back down to the vehicles by 7pm putting us back in Great Falls late Saturday night.

This is an aggressive itinerary; and we will be prepared for foul weather, poor conditions, and longer than expected hiking times. However, this is a true mountaineering trip with all the inherent risks of a mountain adventure.  Youth participating on this trip will have to have the proper conditioning, both physically and mentally for the demands of a mountaineering trip.

Please remember that all mountaineering trips (even under ideal summer conditions) are  only summit attempts.  We may not be able to actually reach the summit.  However, the adventure, fun, and learning happens regardless of whether or not we actually reach the top.  It will be a rewarding trip no matter the distance climbed!

Info about Rocky Mountain:


· Non cotton long underwear top and bottom

· Non cotton hiking socks

· Waterproof hiking boots/shoes

· Non cotton pants

· Waterproof pants

· Mid-layer insulating jacket (fleece, ect)

· Waterproof outer layer jacket (non insulating rain coat works best for layering purposes)

· Stocking hat

· Waterproof mittens & gloves (preferably your gloves would fit inside your mittens )

· Sleeping bag rated for winter conditions

· Sleeping pad

· Tent (we can help you find friends to share with unless you have a solo tent)

· Food & food prep equipment (this should also be shared amongst bunk mates)

· Fire starting equipment

· Emergency shelter (a small tarp or tube tent and similar items work well, stay away from emergency blankets)

· Headlamp

· Knife, small

· At least .5 gallon water


· Waterproof gaiters (highly recommended!)

· Sunglasses

· Chap stick

· Trekking polls

· Snowshoes

Pack list attached document: winter pack list VENTURE

Everything must fit in one backpack you will carry. The trail will be steep and the snow will be deep. The less your bag ways the easier it will be. If you have any questions please contact me at or (406) 899-1886.

Klondike was a Rousing Success!

About 80 boys and 40 adults enjoyed this past weekend camping at Camp Rotary for Klondike, with 10 patrols representing nine separate units!  Many boys were heard to remark that this was one of the best camporees that they had ever attended!

Boys attending for the weekend earned 5 frost points.

Congratulations to Troop 28 for winning the Camporee Trophy and to Camp Director Rex Jewett and the camping committee for putting on a wonderful event!

Photos from the event are posted on the District’s Facebook page.  Please ‘like’ our page to be part of the conversation!