Can I ‘do Twitter’ without a Smartphone or Computer? YES!

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As you are probably aware, the Lewis and Clark District is posting lots of last minute information about our events to our District Twitter Feed @lcmtbsa.  That is fine and good, but what about all of the District Scouters and Scouts without smartphones or regular computer access?

We’ve got you covered.  Twitter is fully accessible from a standard cell phone.  You can get the District’s Tweets via SMS (regular text messages).  Regular text messaging rates from your cell phone provider apply.  Here’s how:

First, Twitter has a full tutorial on how to create a SMS account after this link.

To make it work, do the following:

  1. Send a text message to 40404 with the word ‘START’
  2. You will get a reply from Twitter (40404).  Reply with the word ‘SIGNUP’
  3. Twitter will ask you for a username.  Reply with a username.
  4. Twitter will ask you to choose a password.  Reply with a password.
  5. Send a reply to Twitter (40404) with the message ‘FOLLOW lcmtbsa’
That’s it!  You will now receive copies of local Scouting tweets on your phone!
Remember, standard text messaging rates apply.
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