Are You Trained in your Scouting Position?

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Having well-trained leaders is essential to ensure that the boys (and girls) in our District have a great experience experience in Scouting.  Are you trained in our Scouting Position?

At a minimum, all leaders should ensure that they are trained in:

  • Youth Protection Training (you can’t be a leader unless this is done, at a minimum)
  • This is Scouting
  • Fast Start
  • Leader Specific Training, and
  • Hazardous Weather
All of these trainings can be taken online, at  In addition, the District will host Leader Specific Training at the Scout Office on October 8 and Outdoor Leader Training at the Medicine River Scout Center on October 15-16.
Are you trained in all these areas?  Please make sure that you complete these trainings before you start activities this fall.